Digital Business News Magazine 2019 (Printed Edition)

Digital Business News Magazine 2019 (Printed Edition) 1


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Digital Business News Magazine 2019 (Printed Edition) 1


In dem englischsprachigen Digital Business News Magazine dreht sich alles um die Digitalisierung in Europa, den Austritt Großbritanniens aus der EU und die Europa-Wahl 2019.

E-commerce is a fast-moving, dynamic market. Digital Business News Magazine will keep you current on the development of online retail, as well as offering insights into trends and details on systems, tools and processes. Furthermore, the magazine highlights how European e-commerce is navigating the increasingly global e-commerce scene. Stories on the e-privacy regulation, Trump & China, Brexit and the 2019 European Parliamentary elections are covered across the 40-page-edition.



p.03 - Editorial by Marlene ten Ham

Digital Tech & Policies

p.06 - EU Parliament Approved Copyright Reform – Upload Filters Are a Real Threat Now

p.34 - The Digital Status Quo in Europe – Small Countries Are Catching Up

p.38 - Where Is The E-Privacy Regulation – The EU's Next Data Protection Act Is Taking Its Time

What About Brexit?

p.26 - Brexit – Timeline of a Disaster

p.30 - Rebel without a Cause – Brexit and Its Impact on the British Population

EP Election 2019

p.08 - Ecommerce Europe's Manifesto – 10 Points to Shape a More Digital Europe

p.16 - Trump & China – European E-commerce between a Rock and a Hard Place

p.20 - The EP Elections – How the European Parliament Is Elected

p.22 - Who They Are – The European Parliamentary Party Groups


p.15 - Quotes & Stats

p.33 - What the Internet Says about Brexit